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I think WOOOOOHOOOOO can only be a weak try to describe this weekend. Completely ingeniously bescheuert. (did you know that "up the pole" means bescheuert and schwanger??) Wirklich wirklich lustig. Und unglaublich übermüdet. Absolut Zeit für's Bett.
1.2.09 20:16


Einweihen des ersten gemeinsamen Möbelstückes:

Ein MOVE. Super zum am Computer sitzen - und auch noch gut für den Rücken =))


1.2.09 22:28



destructive forces inside. The terrible wish to just destroy anything. 

Too much to do, too little time. And some mathematical problems just seem unsolveable. Let's go and ask he library.


6.2.09 15:58

getting better ...

the stress is gradually dissolving. There is much to do but it really is not that bad.

I just hate finding out that four hours vanished. Ok, I did get something done but it did not feel like the afternoon should be over ...

Looking forward to weekends and days when there is time to indulge in hobbies. In the meantime: get things done and try to make it nice.

doing sports now! Something between 1,5 and 2,5 kilometres last week =))
(still a bit anxious - does swimming with yoghurt work?)

10.2.09 21:01

What a pity.

no mails at all. Which means that I'll have to take the effort to find myself some other distraction from work ...
11.2.09 15:46

I'm done.

Fats unglaublich, aber wahr: 14 Seiten "Raffael und die Madonnendarstellung der Renaissance". Einziges Problem: Drucker hat zu wenig Patrone. Blöde Technik!
11.2.09 19:55


Lieblingshose hat sich zerlegt!
14.2.09 22:30

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