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Why do I get that upside-down just because someone obviously is better at something than I am? And it isn't even something I thought I was very good at ^^

But I think I am not quite that upside down. Well, at least not on the outside. 

Missing ... kind of very much. Which does not mean that there really is something missing. It just feels like .. life's not really intensive at the moment.

Looking forward to next saturday. Although I fear that it won't be as great as I want it to be ...

Getting back to ... spirituality? religion? church? Weird, weird, weird girl. 

2.11.08 21:22


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Go (5.11.08 21:26)
not very intense in what sense?
must be something done against that? (can I express it like that?)

samtsonders (6.11.08 14:26)
actually "be" and "something" would have to swap places.
no, nothing must be done about it, because saturday is coming soon.=)

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