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Glücklich Sein

"Was tun Sie?" - "Nichts. Ich lasse das Leben auf mich regnen." (Rahel Varnhagen)

Hmmm ...

I think, "wow" is quite the word for some of the things that have happened lately. To me and to others. 

After some hours of mathematical nonsense it slowly starts to get back into reasonable regions. 

Schooldays are slowly creeping up to attac us again the day after tomorrow ...

The last two weeks were kind of wonderful. I got to spend a sensible amount of time with the people I really like. Why can't it always be like that? 

4.1.09 22:11


Hej, there is something new there!

Motivation flooding my day. Did homework, research work, housework. And went shopping (for theatre-tickets =)). And organised the next week. Wow. And once more: across the town - because I don't like spending the evening alone. =) That gives me time to read.
2.1.09 18:19

Ein 6-Jähriger, der mit großer Begeisterung Monty Python in Originalfassung schaut.

HMMM. Erledigt =) Hab euch alle lieb! There is quite a lot to do but I think also a sufficient amount of motivation. And some nice evenings to look forward to.
1.1.09 20:36

books, books, books.

Looking forward to tomorrow - time to read! and then meet people! need commnity!

The last part of Christmas was not exactly as much family as expected/hoped for. But quite nice.

And I managed to get a hold onto some of my Grandma's Grandma's wonderful baking recipes =))

26.12.08 22:21

Not much to say, but anyway ...

Christmas is ... well ...almost over. one last round of family gathering tomorrow.

Then another birthday party, some work for Matura. 

And New Year's Eve!! I love this time of the year because it gives me the opportunity to hug people all the time without them complaining =)

25.12.08 22:52

I love love love love love love love Christmas.

There are so many people I care about and I love showing that. And what's even better is that they seem to care about me, too.

This absolutely is my time of the year.

24.12.08 00:22

The cat who ate the Vanillekipferln.

It's done. Time to spend the whole morning knitting in front of the TV. (EastEnders is not an intellectually challenging series)

Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

13.12.08 13:11

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