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getting better ...

the stress is gradually dissolving. There is much to do but it really is not that bad.

I just hate finding out that four hours vanished. Ok, I did get something done but it did not feel like the afternoon should be over ...

Looking forward to weekends and days when there is time to indulge in hobbies. In the meantime: get things done and try to make it nice.

doing sports now! Something between 1,5 and 2,5 kilometres last week =))
(still a bit anxious - does swimming with yoghurt work?)

10.2.09 21:01


So many people I love. So many things to be grateful for.

It's fun to have people greet me (with name) of whom I had thought that they did not even know I existed.

Manche Menschen haben im Alltagsleben eine Art sich zu bewegen, die bei den meisten anderen auf ganz bestimmte Situationen beschränkt sind - sagt das was über sie aus? =)

Wonderful day, I think. 

Thank you!

28.1.09 22:44

die vorletzte Matheschularbeit ist geschafft =)

two hands would still be more useful than one.

The end of a really weird week is arriving.

Incredibly tired although I have not really done anything and - very odd - have constantly been going to bed at 10.30p.m.

It was not an apoplectic stroke at all but a heart attack. 

Vor meinem geistigen Auge nimmt die Matura schön langsam Gestalt an. Nach Prag muss ich WIRKLICH arbeiten =/ 

23.1.09 16:11

Many things happening. A grandfather with something like an apoplectic stroke, the funeral of a granduncle, a ganglion that does not seem to plan on leaving my wrist and the usual things to do. And by the way there should be something like Maturavorbereitung ...

Looking forward to the holidays. Going to the theatre and having time for the important people who don't get as much as they should right now!!

20.1.09 21:24

Quirin schaut Skispringen:

Na wui, da sind viele Polen ... und der nächste ist ein Frankreicher!
16.1.09 17:36

Das Wort "Schwein" hat geschrieben doch eine gewisse Komik =) Es hat eine Schleife

Auf ins Theater!

Zwei Tage noch! Dann kommt das tolle Wochenende =)

Ich glaub, ich werd viel Zeit im Weltcafe verbringen =)))

7.1.09 18:40

My emotional exhibitionism proves not to be too helpfull.But this is the wrong time and place to moan.

Good night!

6.1.09 23:23

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