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Less floating, more exploding.

Crying produces headaches. I am 18 years old now - why does that still come as a surprise everytime it happens??

Blogging feels a bit pointless at the moment. But I can't cope with hand-written diaries. Just doesn't work out allthough I tried about 6 times.

Now our flat is officially inhabited - there are about 20 empty beer bottles in the hall.
It was really great. We needn't have bothered with the pizza-ingredients though. And a lot of people did not turn up which I try not to take personal but in some cases I just can't avoid it.

I think I've got a general interhuman distance problem. And I really don't know how to manage that. Emotional attachment to other people is something very weird.

Presumably all of this is even weirder now because I only got 5 hours of sleep tonight. I'll try and make up with that now.

12.12.09 23:51


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