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I still can't really define the use of this blog. (at least one advantage: it doesn't occupy any space on my computer which it would if I only saved that endless blubbering as word-documents - the obvious second choice after trying "real" diaries)

My back aches and I'm tired but I don't want to go to bed. 

We would have liked to restart dancing lessons today but Bierbach wouldn't let us =(

I've got wonderful, gorgeous, ccomfortable, white new ice skates and I didn't use them yet. And I don't know when I should do that. 

Christmas is coming. Way too fast! when shall I find all those presents and pack them and be glad and drink tea and bake and eat cookies if I can't even get myself to do my homeworks???
I'm getting lazy and I'm getting on my own nerves.

13.12.09 23:41


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*Anna (14.12.09 11:04)
The use of a blog: reflection? Letting others take a peek into your life? Blogging as a way of communication and gathering opinions? And even if no one should ever read it (which I highly doubt, at least I've subscribed to your RSS-feed) it can be fun to look back and reread old entries and adventures. I myself own a blog and have always been an avid journaller. The journal's entirely different than the blog, though and probably really boring to read. It's mostly for thinking things through etc. whereas the blog focuses more on ... what's happening in my life? I guess. Something along those lines. And opening up to others.

I would like to apologise for not attending your party, I honestly didn't feel like partying that night. And I am trying to comment on your blog posts more often (only if you'd like, of course.)

Have a great Monday!

*Anna (14.12.09 11:21)
Plus: I am totally with you on the Christmas thing. At least the 24th is a Thursday which leaves three days without uni to get/craft presents. Hopefully Christmas break'll give you enough time to catch up on uni stuff (I got to read like a hundred scientific books ... okay, not a hundred, but it certainly feels that way.)

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