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My toes are wet and cold. I'm going to spend some more hours in rooms where my toes are not going to dry. (including VIC)

Life at university continues as it always does. I don't have the time to do every homework and reading task required. Need to get some system here.

My hair smells like a wet dog.

10.11.09 16:56


Not really up-to-date here, really!

Which probably does not matter at all, does it? Sometimes I'm asking myself how many people really do read this ... And it feels weird because it probably is no more than two. To be serious, it might only be one and that means I could write this into his emails to achieve the same.
Once or twice I've even thought about stopping this blog, but I think it's really nice to be able to read back although it can be a bit embarrassing to think about myself pretending I'm not writing for myself but for greater audience ... Whatever.

Life at university is fun. I like meeting people. And they seem to pick me up along the way without my doing anything. Feels great - sometimes even helps my thinking I'm really unsympathetic ... but recently that didn't work really. I'm such a weird person and at the same time so ordinary that I don't think I would like to talk to me if I was somebody else ...
Back to my new life:
The heating works if one is intelligent enough to turn on the gas.
As far as I got yesterday, English phonetics are interesting.
I get to read a lot and have a warm meal only every other day because the kitchen is not put together yet.

Gute Nacht, Werauchimmer!
(Manchmal kommt es mir sogar lächerlich vor, englisch zu schreiben. Aber meine Erklärung vor mir selbst ist immernoch: Ich schreib in der Sprache, die mir in den Sinn kommt.
Es ist wahrscheinlich nicht besonders gesund, sich selbst dauernd für lächerlich zu halten, oder?)

16.10.09 22:13

Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin. Ich bin jetzt Studentin.

So richtig. Mit Ausweis und so. Und mit Verzweiflung, weil ich das Curriculum für UF Deutsch nicht finde ... aber es ist ja noch ein bisschen Zeit ...

16.7.09 17:54

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